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Seniors square measure a dynamic cluster of travellers with a large vary of desires and necessities after they travel. Airlines and airports square measure there to supply any facilitate seniors may have on their travel journeys. Below square measure links to nice tips covering the numerous aspects of travel that a senior might encounter from inbound at the field to progressing to their final destination.

How To Request A Chair Or Cart At The Field

Some seniors have myriad quality problems that may create it troublesome for them to urge from the field curb to the airline gate. My post provides seniors recommendations on the way to request wheelchairs and carts upon inbound at the field.


Seniors And Therefore The Unaccompanied Minor Choice

Most people think about unaccompanied minor programs with the airlines as only for kids travelling alone. However, older passengers will typically travel beneath the unaccompanied minor program too. I provide an inventory of unaccompanied minor policies for the highest U.S. airlines.

Air Travel With A Quality Device Or Quality Aid

This post covers tips together with gate checking wheelchairs, searches at field security checkpoints, gate escort passes and special help.

How To Get Associate In Nursing Field Escort Pass

There square measure times once a senior may have further facilitated progressing to the gate for his or her flight. Airlines permit members of the family to urge escort passes, just like a boarding card, for those with quality problems or disabilities to their departure gates. Some airlines can issue conjointly escort passes that permit you to fulfil incoming passengers at their arrival gates. Escort passes aren’t issued for incoming international flights, thanks to customs and immigration laws.

Unaccompanied Minor – Once Flights Delay Or Cancel

This post covers what happens to unaccompanied minors once flights delayed or cancelled. However, the guidelines here apply to seniors United Nations agencies might notice themselves in an exceedingly similar scenario.

Tips For Beating Long Bureau Security Screening Lines

Senior Travel skilled Nancy Parole explains why Transportation Security Administration stop lines square measure goodbye and the way seniors will navigate them. She recommends tips together with registering for bureau PreCheck, inbound early and perceives the screening method.


Protect Yourself Against Stop Larceny

Like all travellers, seniors got to keep a watch on their valuables whereas navigating the field security stopped. Here square measures six nice recommendations on the way to avoid having things purloined at the field security stop.

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