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Female Travelers

Female Travelers are becoming more popular. According to the Travel Industry Association, there are over 32 million American women who travel alone each year. However, it’s important to remember that this might be a complex undertaking. 

South Africa:

“Street safety and many other factors have this nation ranked lowly in comparison to other countries. The treatment of women in South Africa has been harsh in the past, but things are steadily improving. A lot of women who travel to South Africa are urged not to go trekking, to drive, or to wander around by themselves and to be more cautious in general.” 


According to a press release, for both street safety and homicide against women, “Brazil came in last place,” according to a press release. “In the Global Gender Gap category, this sun-drenched country likewise ranked low. According to the government, tourists in the United States are urged not to stroll alone at night or to oppose any robbery attempts violently.” 


Russia is ranked third on our list because of its low scores on deliberate homicides against Female Travelers and non-partner sexual violence. According to the World Economic Forum, this gorgeous vodka-drinking country is ranked tenth in the world in terms of legal discrimination against women. There are indicators that Russia’s me too movement is getting headlines, which is a good thing. 



We were intrigued by Mexico because it is the most-visited country in the top five least-visited countries. Street safety, intentional homicide, and non-partner sexual violence were all low in Mexico for Female Travelers.

All three of these categories showed Mexico as one of the four worst performers worldwide. According to numerous news sources. It is becoming increasingly dangerous. Additionally, if possible, stick to the grounds of your resort to avoid any mishaps. 


The gender gap in Iran is the worst in the world, according to the survey. A poor showing in the categories of inequality and discrimination made this country the fifth-worst-ranked in our survey. An area in which Iran excelled was the absence of deliberate killings of women, a problem in many countries. In the Commonwealth of the Dominican Republic, American tourists flock to the Republic, which has recently made news due to a spate of unexplained deaths. 

Street safety was the island’s biggest problem, placing it sixth on our rankings. This country isn’t secure for women traveling alone, regardless of the current media frenzy. This astonished us, as we had never heard of any difficulties for tourists visiting the Dominican Republic before the recent run of occurrences. 


There is an enormous disparity between Egypt’s gender gap and its level of gender equality around the world. The safety of the streets in this country was ranked ninth in the world. In addition, the country’s marriage and divorce laws are particularly lax, and its government is underrepresented. Female Travelers pursuing degrees in business, science, and engineering have been awarded more than 600 scholarships to date, a significant increase over previous years. 


Found intimate relationship violence to be the most prevalent problem in Morocco. Additionally, it was ranked low in terms of sexism and the global gender gap. The situation was not much better when it came to the general level of street safety.

Female Travelers


Thailand was ranked the worst in the world when it came to attitudes violence against Female Travelers. Additionally, this country ranked poorly in the areas of domestic violence and gender inequality. 


Unfortunately, low scores on our scale for domestic violence and gender inequality have landed Malaysia at the eleventh position. When it comes to single female tourists, they rank third in Asia after India and Thailand. Because of the great geographical distance between the two nations, we were shocked to discover that a teeny-tiny bridge connects Singapore and Malaysia. A glance at Singapore’s past offers light on the unexpected development.” 

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Legal discrimination in Saudi Arabia was scored the worst in our index. The gender disparity in this country was the second-worst globally, and street safety was highly dismal. A large number of women leave the nation in search of personal freedom and an end to domestic violence.”


Turkey ranked fourth in the world for domestic violence, fifth in the global gender gap, and eighth in street safety for Female Travelers and men. Who brought to our attention the sad reality that “In Turkey, 89.2 percent of married women have experienced abuse at the hands of their partners.


Argentina came in third place and ninth in terms of deliberate homicides against women in terms of street safety. Even when stopped at a red light in a car, robberies are widespread in Buenos Aires. According to a recent study, Iraqis feel more secure wandering the streets at night than Argentinians.



According to the World Health Organization, Chile was ranked seventh for street safety and ninth for domestic violence. Three-quarters of the population has experienced some form of  harassment, with most victims being women (85%).The National Women’s Law Center estimates that 40 percent of women suffer harassment daily and that 90 percent have been harassed “at some time in their lives.”


As far as attitudes about violence against women and gender inequality are concerned, Cambodia came in third place. Street safety and the global gender gap also took a toll on the city. Most males think that Female Travelers are incite their aggression toward them.


“In terms of legal discrimination, Bahrain came in at number four, and it rated sixth in the world for the gender pay gap, as well as for street safety. Who else, surprise, brings this up? “If a rapist marries or plans to marry their victim, they are immune from prosecution.


In terms of the global gender gap, This will come in ninth place. Moreover, it failed miserably in public safety, equality in the law, and gender inequity. When it comes to women’s rights and government representation, Tunisia is head and shoulders above the rest of North Africa. However, domestic violence affects at least 47% of Female Travelers in the country. 



According to our ranking, the United States of America came at number 19 on the list of the most powerful nations. Consequently, it has been designated as the world’s most dangerous Western country by the United Nations. This States is a dangerous place for Female Travelers to visit because of its poor record on street safety, non-partner sexual violence, and various other gender inequality issues. 

It is shocking to learn that homicide is the third most common cause of death for women between 20 and 24, accounting for a whopping 7.5 percent of all deaths in this age group. It is responsible for an astounding 15.7 percent of all “deaths” among black women in the same age group. 


Ukraine came in last place in terms of gender disparity and inequality, with a street safety ranking of sixth-worst. Gender discrimination in the workplace isn’t a big deal among Ukrainians for Female Travelers.

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