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Greenland Offers Epic Kayaking 

There’s a rich history of kayaking in Greenland, the origin of the actual kayak. Quite a bit of what Greenland has to bring to the table can be capable by kayak. 

You’ll feel an outrageous closeness to nature as you kayak around gigantic fjords, floating over perfectly clear waters along a rough coastline that has been rowed by the Inuit for millennia. Hear the hints of Greenland- – the calls of seabirds, the mash of the ice and hints of the bountiful natural life – from the outside of the ocean. 

 Visit Greenland

See The Ilulissat Icefjord, An Unesco World Heritage Site 

One of the miracles of the world, the Ilulissat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ilulissat and the Sermeq Kujalleq ice sheet, situated in West Greenland, is a characteristic marvel and one of the quickest, most dynamic glacial masses on the planet. 

Experience Authentic Inuit Culture In Thule (Qaanaaq) 

Visiting a Greenlandic people group offers you a chance to find what it may truly resemble to live in the Far North. Investigate Thule, one of the northernmost spots on the planet. And a local area with a rich history and Inuit culture. 

The Thule public showed up in Greenland around the ninth century AD and today. This local area is called Qaanaaq. The Inuit individuals who got comfortable in the region have passed down their customs of chasing, kayaking, canine sledding and making craftsmanship for ages. 

See The Northern Lights On 300 Clear Nights A Year 

Splendidly hued houses make a staggering foundation for the mystical showcase of Aurora Borealis in Kangerlussuaq. The regular marvel of light is made by electrically charged particles from the sun. However fables in space focus on captivating accounts of walrus messing around with human skulls as an almost certain reason. 


These charming Aurora Borealis enlighten the Arctic with colors. That change from green, purple and red. The most emotional showcases are noticeable during October and April. When there are over 300 days and evenings of clear sky in East Greenland. 

Partake In The Lush Scenery Of East Greenland 

Find East Greenland, perhaps the most distant regions in the country. Regardless of whether you’re climbing in blossom glades in the shadow of monstrous basalt dividers, or ascending one of a few tremendous mountains, East Greenland is an outside devotee’s jungle gym. Conclude your day watching a brilliant polar dusk against the dazzling picturesque background. 

Discover Your Zen And Reconnect With Nature – And Yourself 

Greenland’s tremendous wilderness gives the ideal scenery to disengage from the advancements and stresses of regular day to day existence. And reconnect with nature and your best self. Investigating its dazzling fjords, gigantic ice sheets and ice sheets. And extensive woods and tundra with correspondingly disapproved of voyagers vows to bring harmony and internal calm you might not have encountered in some time! 

As you get away from the common and leave the unremarkable behind for Greenland’s regular miracle. You’ll can’t help thinking about why you paused. And how you can contain that zen and take it back home with you. 

See Tasermiut Fjord, A ‘major Wall Playground’ 

Referred to locally as the Arctic Patagonia, the Tasermiut Fjord is a famous objective on our Greenland Explorer: Valleys and Fjords campaign. Perhaps the most difficult huge divider jungle gyms on the planet, the 44 mile (70 km) fjord is eminent for its predominant stone countenances. Lower yourself in the normal underground aquifer situated here in the southernmost point in Greenland. An ideal spot to unwind following a day spent investigating and shooting this awesome site.

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