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We can enjoy traveling, sightseeing, and walking for hours on the best beaches around the world, and a handful of beautiful, white sand by the azure sea can make us feel euphoric. 

World's Best Beaches

Since, on the one hand, the very act of being away from home and getting to know new places and people is the essence of travel, the beach is a dream come true. Dreams of complete relaxation and pleasure of doing nothing.

List Of The World’s Best Beaches

Bawaro Beach – Dominican Republic – Caribbean

If you look at any list of the world’s best beaches, Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, would almost certainly be included. It is regarded as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful beaches. She has most likely received this opinion. Delicate white sand, hot ocean (32-33 degrees Celsius in summer, warmer than the air)

Cala Mariolu, Sardinia, Italy

The clear blue water, fine sand, and beautiful rocks that surround the beach enchant anyone who has the chance to visit at least once. Since the beach is very short, it is often crowded. It is, however, worth the try. The beach is about 14 kilometers north of the town of Baunei in the island’s east.

Iztuzu, Dalyan, Turkey

A river with several islets separates the beach from the mainland. From above, the river delta provides a fantastic landscape. The beach is approximately 6 kilometers long, but it is extremely narrow. 

On one side, the warm Mediterranean Sea awaits, while on the other, a river awaits. The most interesting path to the beach is from Dalyan village along the river. It takes about half an hour to sail between the islets.

Sarasota Beach – Florida – USA

This is one of the most picturesque best beaches we’ve ever seen. It’s unlikely that we found it after so many years and trips to the United States. You must visit this beach, which is about half a kilometer long and has sand as fine as dust. There are wheelchairs for disabled people adapted to drive on the sand at the beach’s edge, which is unusual. 

Sarasota’s beaches are lovely at any time of day, whether for sunbathing or walking or for a romantic evening meeting for two to chat about nothing and look at the horizon. On Sunday evenings, a drums ritual takes place on the beach in Sarasota, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss it.

Elafonisi, Crete, Greece

 Best Beaches

A beautiful beach from which you can straddle a small island with a nature reserve. The beach itself is full of smaller reservoirs where you can only wade in the water or swim and dive, depending on the depth. 

Although the beach is very large and does not appear to be crowded, there is no point in searching for shade. The beach can be found on Crete’s southwest coast.

Dumaluan Beach – Panglao Philippines

Dumaluan Beach is a beach on the tiny Philippine island of Panglao, situated in the south. It is really clean because many of the island’s best hotels are located right next to it. Do not confuse this location with the unsightly and sometimes filthy Alona Beach, which was also the case at one stage. 

Dumaluan has lovely beaches, the warm Mindanao Sea during the summer, and a lovely coastal reef, making it a perfect location for a couple’s or family’s holiday. We hope that our list of the best beaches in the world can assist you in planning a sunny, relaxing vacation.

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