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Best Senior Travel Organizations To Join:

Whether you’re going away for a weekend or a month, the advantages of traveling are apparent. The 14 businesses in this list cater to a wide spectrum of travel groups, depending on whether they cater to an older clientele or not.

And the possibilities are virtually limitless for retirees or elderly citizens with free time and money to spend on travel. Everyone has something to discover about the world, including themselves.

Seniors are just as different as any other travel groups, it should be noted. They may be. It’s safe to say that many people have travel on their bucket list, regardless of their preferences, talents, values, or routines.

People in their eighties and nineties go on vacation to see friends and relatives, learn about the countries where their ancestors came from, or go somewhere new.

travel groups

Traveling the Globe:

Grand Junction, Colorado-based Walking the World specializes in walking and hiking tours for tourists. A gentle to moderate daily stroll is defined as one that is four to eight kilometers long.

While in Ireland, we saw fishing villages, beautiful hills, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, and the Dingle Peninsula, as well as Killarney National Park, all of which were spectacular.

Traveler’s Companion:

Road Scholar acknowledges the values and interests of lifelong learners who have taken part in their lectures, tours, field trips, and educationally enjoyable activities over time.

Itineraries are broken down by time, activity level, and price for everything from family vacations to cruises to city exploration to tours to national parks and historical landmarks.

Participant average age is above 50, and they are eager to learn new things through travel and exploration of a particular subject.

Exploring New Places:

As stated by Adventures Abroad, its customers are “inquisitive, active, and often very well-traveled.”Because of the destination’s culture and history, there are no physically demanding activities to partake in, but you should be reasonably fit and able to stroll to do so. Physical activity levels range from one to four, with the first level necessitating just leisurely strolls. For ease of planning, certain trips are recommended for each activity level.


A three- to seven-hour trek on uneven ground qualifies as a level four excursion.


Eldertreks is a firm that specializes in adventure travel for seniors. There are five levels of ability, and people should be able to walk five miles without stopping, and hike for at least four hours each time.

Cycling for the Elderly:

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Senior Cycling organizes bike rides for people over 50.

Families and friends can go on private trips that are designed just for them. There are three levels of tours, with simply being the easiest and advanced being the most difficult.

Tours by Firebird:

Customers are the emphasis of Firebird Tours, a Florida-based company with offices across the world, including Australia, Switzerland, and Malta. Gastronomy, history, architecture, the northern lights, and opera and theatre are some of the popular tour topics.

Aiming to provide value, comfort, and quality on their small-travel groups excursions to locations such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Morocco as well as North America.



Itineraries offered by Backroads, a Berkeley, California-based company, are geared toward outdoor enthusiasts. Age-specific bike trips include “older teens and 20-somethings,” “twentysomethings and beyond,” and “teens and youngsters.”

Despite the fact that their excursions are suitable for people of all ages, the majority of their customers are in their 50s and 60s. Tours that combine walking and hiking can be found under the same heading.

With the introduction of Dolce Tempo, travelers can expect “a relaxed pace, sophisticated luxury, original experiences, and unique access” on their trips.

Traveling Abroad for Pleasure and Adventure:

Itineraries offered by Boston-based Overseas Adventure Travel, specializing in small travel groups, cover every continent except Antarctica. Considering that the majority of their customers travel alone, the firm has designed retreats for solo explorers of all levels.

EF Tours in the Lead:

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based EF Go Ahead Excursions offers small- travel groups tours for 14 to 38 people. Spend some time thinking about where you want to go or what you’re interested in learning about. Clients have the option of forming their own group and utilizing the travel groups organizers’ professional skills. For single travelers, the organization offers excursions with private rooms and tailored activities.

Tours in Kensington, London:

Kensington Tours specializes in custom-designing tours for individual clientele. Private transportation, local guides, and family-friendly restaurants are all included in these itineraries.

Adventure Travel Company Intrepid:

Intrepid Travel, a well-known tour operator specializing in adventure travel, offers specialized itineraries for senior citizens. Aside from that, travelers have access to destination consultants, whose in-depth knowledge of the area may help them select the best accommodations, modes of transportation, attractions, and excursions.

Depending on the comfort level of the party, they offer totally customized or pre-made itineraries.

YMT Tours and Travel:

All-inclusive and guided land and cruise tours are available through YMT Vacations at reasonable prices. Specialists choose their programs “to take into account the needs of more seasoned tourists.”

Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand are just some of the places you can go on an IT trip. You can even go to special events like the Rose Parade and the Oberammergau Passion Play while you’re there.

Their packages include hotels, sightseeing, baggage handling, tour directors, and driving guides, with a focus on convenient, all-inclusive excursions.

Traveling to Europe in Grand Style:

As an AARP-recommended travel operator, Grand European Travel arranges trips to a wide range of places. They’re a mashup of 30 different travel firms from all over the world, offering everything from low-cost getaways to high-end vacations like cruises and land tours.


As a “one-stop-shop,” the organization claims to assist customers in planning their ideal travel itineraries. Multigenerational travel is becoming increasingly popular, which makes their family trips particularly appealing.

Walkers in the countryside:

Founded in Vermont in 1979, Country Walkers has been organizing walking trips throughout the world since that year. They offer self-directed, fully guided, and guided-flex tours so that visitors can go on their own adventures.

Its purpose is to introduce tourists to different landscapes and civilizations all over the world by foot. In order to be considered “moderately active,” one must walk four to ten miles per day and up to six hours per day.

From “easy walking,” which includes daily distances of two to four miles, travelers can choose from five levels.

Regardless of their age or physical fitness level, visitors of all ages can discover a venue and trip that suits their needs.

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