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Regarding The County

Poland is an ancient country that dates back to the 10th century. These are located in Central Europe, in the east Europe, with the majority of the region consisting of a horizontal surface with mountains all along the southern border. Warsaw is Poland’s town, which was totally devastated during the Second World War and built from scratch. The Royal Castles of Warsaw, which was rebuilt after WWII, is also a must attraction.

The Lazienki Palace, which has accessible theaters and a Chopin statue, is also worth seeing. Krakow, Poland’s second largest city, stays true to the country’s mediaeval history. Poland does have a strong passion for music and entertainment, and as a result, there are numerous theatres & opera houses in the country. Zrazy Zawijane (fungus beefsteak wraps in cream cheese) a common Polish dish serves with cooked kasza (buckwheat) and pig knuckles.


Languages And Population

Poland has a population of about 38.5 million people, and Polish is the national language.


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Place In The World

It borders the Baltic, the Russian EmpireLithuania, , Belarus, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic,  and its German Democratic republic in Continental Europe, east Germany.

The Weather

Poland’s climate is classified as temperate. Inland, winters are harsh, with a mean temperature of 23°F in Warsaw. Inland summers are humid, with a mean temperature of 66°F in July. Precipitation happens at all times of the year.

Customs In The Area

Handshakes are a simple courtesy. When visiting someone’s home, it is traditional to carry flowers. For evening activities or dining in a good restaurant, dress is traditional, casual, and formal. In certain public buildings, smoking is banned. Tipping in restaurants, hotels, and taxis ranges from 10% to 15%.

Tourist Attractions

Warsaw: A town was totally especially after the Second World War and rebuilt entirely afterward. The Historical Museums of Warsaw, the Lazienki Castle with its accessible theatre and even Chopin’s monuments, as well as the Palace of Art and Sciences are all prominent tourist attractions.

On the peak of Wawel Mountain in Cracow, you’ll find St. Mary’s Chapel, the Royal Palace, and the Royal Hedral.


By Air – LOT Polish Aviation is Romania’s national carrier.   Air France,   Aeroflot, British Airways, Austrian Airlines,El Al,  Easyjet,Lufthansa,  SAS, Ryanair, and Swiss Air are just a few of the common airline companies that fly to Poland. Warsaw Alfred Chopin Airport, about 6 miles southwestern of the capital, is the largest airport.

By Sea – Poland connects to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland through Pol Ferries.

By Rail – Polish National Rails runs Eurocity trains between european Cities via Poland. All trains from Europe towards Poland, on the other hand, pass via the Czech, Germany, or Slovakia. Warsaw is connected to Berlin & Cologne by major routes, as well as  Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. A vehicle system is available from the Dutch boundary to On it.


Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  1. Non-European Member countries limits to 250 cigarettes, 250 gm tobacco, or 50 cigars.
  2. For EU countries, this equates to 800 cigars, 200 cigarettes, or 1kg of tobacco.
  3. Non-EU nations: 1l wine & 1l spirits
  4. For European nations, 10 lit spirits, 90 lit wine, including 110 lit beer
  5. Personal care items such as perfumes, medications, and cosmetics
  6. Equivalent to €175 in gifts

Non Acceptable Things

Uncanned foods, meat or milk products, narcotics, guns, ammunition, vehicles, eggs, seeds, endangered animals, fireworks, including alcoholic drinks containing more than 60% alcohol are all prohibited.

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