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Regarding The County

Romania, which is located in Southeastern Europe, is slowly releasing itself from the shackles of its dark past. In 1859, two Principalities, Moldavia & Wallachia, were merged to create modern Romania, that had previously been dominated by the Ottoman Empire for decades. Moldova, Poland, the Black Sea, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia,  and Hungary all border Romania. Romania’s city is Bucharest. Transylvania or Moldavia make up the country’s northern portion. The Black Sea Shore, the Carpathian Hills, and Transylvania are among Romania’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Atlantic Ocean Coast is known for in its white sand and provides a wonderful family experience. The Carpathian Hills are spectacular and densely forested, providing excellent skiing opportunities. In Romania, there are numerous health centers. Romanian Spas, that have been renowned for their many healing powers, are common in Transylvania. Ciorba de perisoare ,  lamb bors, ciorba tanancasca, giblet soup, and a number of fish sauces are some of the local specialties.


Languages And Population

Romania has a population of about 22.5 million people, and Romanian seems to be the national language. Hungarian & German are two other common languages.


50 HZ frequency and 230 V voltage . A Round plug with connection and “Schuko” pin and aslo receptacle with side grounded contacts the 2 kinds of plugs.

Place In The World

It is situated in Europe of Southeastern, between Bulgaria & Ukraine, on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded on the west by Hungary or Serbia, on the northeast Ukraine as well as Moldova, and on the south by Bulgaria. Romania’s Carpathian Hills run through the heart of the country.

The Weather

Romania’s climate is classified as temperate, with four distinct seasons. Spring and fall, on the other hand, are cool and fun. Summers are warm and humid, with July & August being the hottest months. Around November and March, the winters could be harsh or cold, with heavy snow. May & June, as well as October and November, are the best times to explore Romania.

Customs In The Area

Handshakes are a simple courtesy. When meeting a lady, it is also customary to kiss her. Romania follows much of the same European customs as the rest of Europe. The attire is conservative and laid-back. On public transportation and in theatres, also it forbids the smoking. Romanians enjoy smoking and appreciate it when you offer them cigarettes. Service charge is customarily between 5% and 10% in restaurants, hotels, and taxis.

Tourist Attractions

Bucharest: Known as the “Paris of the East,” Bucharest is a buzzing city of lights with restaurants, clubs and bars, and restaurants. It has a large National Gallery and the Romanian Convention Centre. The Assembly of Parliament, Old Belief Church, and Athenee Luxury Hotel are among the heritage sites.

Brasov: Castles in Transylvania, such as Bran Castle & Rasnov Castles, weren’t to be missed, as is Sighișoara, about 90 miles from Brasov, the hometown of Vlad Tepes.

The Romanian Riviera is located along the Black Sea coast and is a popular tourist destination. It also has a number of resorts or Romanian spas known for their therapeutic properties.


By Air – Tarom is Romania’s national airline. Air France,  Austrian Airlines, Alitalia,  KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Swiss are just a few of the famous airlines which fly to Bucharest. Bucharest Otopeni Terminal, about ten miles provincial capital, is the largest airport.

By Sea – Constanta is the Black Sea’s most important port. There are actually no ferries operating. However, there are numerous cruises that stop at various tourist destinations such as Vienna,Budapest, Bazias Bratislava, ,  Calafat, Giurgiu, and Bucharest.

By Rail – Via Western Europe, there seems to be an approved vendor to Bucharest that operates only during the summer season, from June through September.



Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  1. 200 cigarettes / 200 grammes of tobacco
  2. 200 grammes of cocoa and 200 grammes of coffee
  3. Fragrances, medications, and mementos
  4. Two cameras, a compact movie camera, thirty cassette tapes, one tape recorder, one television set, one record player, one small telescope, and one keyboard
  5. Equal to €175 in gifts


alcoholic beverages containing more than 60% alcohol, uncanned foods, meat or milk products, narcotics, guns, ammunition, explosives, eggs, plants, endangered species, explosives, and alcoholic drinks containing more than 60% alcohol.

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