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Female solo travel is not a new phenomenon—women have been hitting the road and booking flights to explore every part of the globe for years. However, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of women embarking on solo trips, often to less-frequented locations.

The fact that solo travel is extremely powerful; the growing visibility of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political successes; and social media motivation.

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And if you want to travel alone, without your friends or family, but not completely alone, it’s becoming easier to do as more travel companies develop packages specifically for solo female travelers.

What To Expect When Traveling Solo

Safety, budget, boredom, and loneliness are all common concerns while planning a solo trip. And, of course, you are the sole decision-maker in these matters if you travel alone. Before you schedule your vacation, consider how you would react to and enjoy a few frequent travel circumstances (sightseeing and eating alone, getting around by yourself, planning your activities and routes, etc.) While solo travel can be a very enjoyable and enriching (as well as confidence-boosting!) experience, only you can decide if you would enjoy it.

If you determine it is, doing some research before you go will give you a better idea of what to expect. Begin by connecting with like-minded female travellers through blogs and networks that allow you to chat with solo female travel veterans and experts—gain insight into a specific destination or culture; ask questions about budgeting, safety, packing, and itinerary planning; and even arrange meet-ups with other female travellers if you’re going to the same place.

Traveling solo, according to female members of the Solo Travel Society, provides numerous advantages, including the following:

Independence and liberty (the opportunity to do what you want on your own schedule)
Flexibility in the budget (You set the amount you want to spend.)
Possibilities to test and surprise yourself (e.g. pushing your boundaries in ways you might not if you were travelling with friends and family, such as chatting up the stranger sitting beside you at a cafe).

Tips And Considerations As A Solo Female Traveler

There are a few other things to consider while travelling alone, aside from the booking and planning process. Use these suggestions for your next solo trip. While many of them are useful for any journey (solo or with others), several are especially important while travelling alone.


Packing: It never hurts to be (over)protective, and TSA permits pepper spray to be checked in. (However, because this allowance changes by flight, double-check with your carrier before packing). You might also want to bring a whistle or a high-pitched security alert, as well as a small torch (in case your phone dies).

If you’re going out for the day on your own, leave a note in your room. Identifying your location so that staff and authorities can find you if something goes wrong. Passports should be left with the hotel concierge or in the room safe at all times. Money and credit cards should be kept in a pouch close to the body and kept in one of these convenient money belts.

Avoid going out alone in the evenings, and if you must, hire a local guide who can show you around the nightlife and recommend safe spots to visit.


Check the World Health Organization website before visiting a nation to learn about its health conditions. Especially if you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant.

Periods are inconvenient, but don’t let them stop you from travelling. Consider installing an app that will track your period so you aren’t caught off guard, in addition to packing over-the-counter pain medication for menstrual cramps. Consider taking a menstrual cup if you don’t want to bring bulky items with you.

Navigation And Transportation

Planning: If you don’t have access to a cell phone, use Google Maps to get offline maps.

When you arrive at your destination, don’t pull out a map while walking down the street. If you’re lost, seek directions/assistance at the nearest public transportation system, grocery store, bank, or restaurant. Only use public transit or a trustworthy cab service. Never hitchhike or accept a ride from someone you don’t know.

Tips For Packing

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Designer clothing and jewellery should be left at home. Bringing and wearing outdated (but in good-condition) clothes that you can donate at the conclusion of your vacation is a sensible plan of action. Also, rather than standing out, dress to blend in. And, if in doubt, err on the side of modesty. If you’re visiting a “male-dominated society,” stick to long pants and shirts and stay away from small shirts, bare shoulders, short pants, and exposing clothing.

Always bring a shawl with you if you need to cover your legs, head, or shoulders, especially if you’re visiting holy sites.

Last Thoughts

Traveling alone as a woman may be a life-changing experience—with a little planning ahead of time. It can be an opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life (especially other women). It’s a gift to be invited into another woman’s home somewhere else in the world and has dialogues. That increase knowledge, understanding, and inclusivity if given the opportunity.

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