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Cruises are one of the oldest modes of transportation. Because the study of our planet began at sea, such a journey is always interesting. For tens of kilometres around, there is only water, and even a massive cruise liner seems insignificant in comparison to the water element – this is one of life’s best and most unforgettable adventures. Choosing a maritime vacation, on the other hand, is not straightforward, therefore we decided to compile a list of the most fascinating itineraries.

Myanmar’s Myer Archipelago

An ideal location for exploring our planet’s untouched areas. Despite the fact that Myanmar is well-known among tourists nowadays, few people visit the secluded islands. As a result, there is still a lot of natural beauty. Well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg: some cruises include a visit to the Andaman Islands, where aborigines still dwell, rejecting modernity in every way possible.

Peruvian Amazon

This 6,400-kilometre-long river is the world’s best natural route. A tour through the Amazon offers a wealth of sights, including a jungle drowning in a river, jaguars creeping up to the coast, huge Victoria Amazonian water lilies, dolphins, and manatees.


There are more than 18,000 islands to explore. All cruises typically begin in Bali and visit all of the adjacent islands, including Java, Sulawesi, and Borneo. When the ship docks in Australia or the Philippines, there are also lengthier options available.

India’s Ganges

It could be one of the greatest polluted rivers on the planet, but it is also one of the largest. The rivers of the Ganges are still sacred to Indians, and taking a cruise here is the ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in India’s past and present while also enjoying a decent bed and a buffet, which is not always the case in this nation. Swimming usually begins in Varanasi, the most important Hindu pilgrimage site, when Hindus come to bury loved ones and bathe in the river’s hallowed waters. Then there’s Patna, Farakka Dam, and Calcutta, which even seasoned travellers don’t seem to know about. Tourists will come to abandoned mosques and tombs along the road.

Patagonia, Antarctica, and Australia 

These voyages can be quite lengthy, lasting up to 25 days, but they are well worth it. After all, you can see the islands near Antarctica and even the world’s coldest continent, Tierra del Fuego, be in a region where no one has gone before, witness millions of birds, and explore the Southern Ocean on your way to New Zealand.

Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

The world’s biggest concentration of indigenous plants and animals can be found here. Swim with sea devils, turtles, and sea iguanas, and keep an eye out for finicky sea iguanas. There are routes that run via Panama and Costa Rica, by the way, where you can become friends with gorgeous sloths.

Europe, Danube

Many cruises depart from Nuremberg, Germany, and go through numerous countries before arriving in the Balkans. There may be no other cruise with as much history as this one: sail through fairytale castles, stone Baroque streets, and dark Soviet remains.

Arctic Russia

Starting in the Bering Strait and ending in the Barents Sea, this is one of the most incredible trips. Only expedition ships could dock here five years ago, but now visitors from all over the world visit. Everything is possible here, including seeing polar bear dens, visiting Inuit towns, and experiencing the severe northern cold. The voyage, by the way, takes place just a few times a year, from the end of July to the beginning of September, and lasts up to 28 days.

Islands In The Caribbean

A cruise in the Caribbean includes everything from relaxing in a sumptuous floating hotel to visiting some of the world’s top beaches and sailing through one of the most beautiful oceans. It’s also perfect for travellers who want to keep track of how many countries they’ve visited.

Even so, the ship travels to destinations across the globe, from the U.s to Cuba.


From French Polynesia to Easter Island, cruise from across the Southern Ocean. This would take at least 2 weeks to cross such distances, but it will be the most memorable time of one’s life, with views of idyllic atolls, coral reefs, outlying places like Pitcairn, and, of least, Easter Island’s silent statues.

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