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Regarding The Nation

Switzerland is endowed with most of nature’s riches. Of all countries on the planet, this is a popular tourist destination. The Alps area has cold weather much of the year, while the northern region has warmer summers. Skiing and snowboarding are available in Saas Charge. Many hotels, like Queenstown and St Moritz, have designed igloos for their clients, making the dream of playing in one a reality.

It Is A Matter Of Culture

Switzerland Is A Great Place

Switzerland’s official languages are German, Italian and French. There are a lot of English citizens here. To express gratitude, unwrapped roses must be delivered to the guest. Flowers such as white geraniums and chrysanthemums were reserved to funeral services, so care should be exercised when giving flowers towards others; even white roses should be avoided. While holding social events or dining at a decent restaurant, fashion is appropriate, but jackets or ties are required. The money used here is the Swiss Franc.


Switzerland is known for its exquisite chocolates, handcrafted clocks, and high-end watches. Studded silk, picture frames, carvings, Rye bread, and Switchblade blades are among the other professions. Since several stores are closed on Monday, it is best to stop buying that day. Because all services are subject to a service fee, tip is a matter of personal choice. All sales in Switzerland are subject to 7.6% VAT, that can be recovered later by requesting a global tax refund unless the transaction exceeds 400 CHF.


230 volts & 50 Hz are the normal currents.

How To Get There

Swiss Airlines is Switzerland’s national carrier, with flights to 71 locations around the world. The most famous terminal is Zurich, which is 11 kilometres from the centre. Passengers are shuttled to their destinations every 15 mins by trains. If travelers choose to receive their baggage at the train station instead of the terminal, a Glide Baggage card can be purchased. When leaving Switzerland, passengers can use the Jet Luggage service, which allows them to search their baggage at the train station. Duty-free stores, banks, hotels, and car rental are among the other services available. Offers can be found at Geneva, Right people in the right, and Bern airports.

Since the weather is at its worst in the winter, taking the train is a more reliable and cost-effective choice. They’re also great for taking in the scenery of Switzerland. A Swiss Card can be bought to gain access to the majority of Switzerland’s tourist destinations.

Here, elevated roads are kept in good repair. Austria, Italy, Germany and France are all linked by roads. However, since things could get worse in winter, it’s a good idea to have keys and winter tires on hand. Cars must be parked on the right side of the road.

Switzerland Is A Great Place To Visit In Europe

Things That Are Exempt From Duty

a) Foreign tourists from Europe

250g tobacco, 200 cigars, 

1l of alcohol (rise to 15% alcohol) and 2l of alcohol (close to 15% alcohol)

(b) Tourists from countries outside of Europe

  • 500g tobacco, 400 cigars, 
  • 2 litres (up to 15% alcohol) and 1l (up to 15% alcohol)
  • Meat, narcotics, and vodka are both strictly prohibited. Firearms and livestock are also included in the list of prohibited objects.

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