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The Country’s History

Flamenco performers and bullfights are world-famous in Spain. The architecture is inspired by Moroccan design. Cave sculptures, Renaissance cathedrals, and Moorish palaces demonstrate the country’s richness. Summers are humid, but spring, autumn, and early spring are very fun.

The Arts

Spain’s national language is Spanish. Standard english spoken here as well. Spaniards have become more liberal over time and keep pace with growing times but are no more traditional. However, the locals’ beliefs, rituals, etiquette, and customs have not changed. People in this town have dual family names; its first surname may be used to focus on a specific person. A handshake would suffice to welcome anyone. When entering someone’s home, bring a little gift with you. Flowers can be saved for special days. Dinner is usually served quite late in the evening. The rest of the people, people dress casually.



Shops are open very early the next morning and close late at night. They closes in the evening for lunch or siesta. Ceramics and leather products are well-known and would make excellent gifts for friends back home. Since bills and service costs must be charged together, tipping is a gesture of appreciation.


The intensity is 50 Hz and the power is 220 volts.

How To Get There

Spain’s national airline is IBERIA. In addition, several other low-cost companies fly in the region. Spain has nearly 30 international airports, the most well-known of which are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Alicante.
The city of Madrid, which is 13 kilometres away, does have a strong bus service that runs every 15 minutes. Travelers can also use the subway system to get to their locations. Duty-free stores, a bank, a cafe, tourism details, and hotel bookings are all available at this terminal.

Barcelona is a short distance from the capital, just 3 kilometres away. Buses and trains run every 15 minutes and every 20 minutes, respectively. Taxis are accessible at all times of the day. Here you will find duty-free shops, restaurants, a bank, car rental, and tourism information.

Spain has a well-developed road network that connects the north and south of the country. Tool booths built in some parts of the world. Having a few Euros on you will make the toll booths go more smoothly. If driving one’s own vehicle, it’s preferable if the travel insurance also covers medical expenses. Having a medical kit on hand may be beneficial.

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Things That Are Exempt From Duty

Cigarillos Or cigarettes , 250g of tobacco
1l of spirits (if the volume exceeds 22%) or 2l of alcoholic drink (if the volume does not exceed 22%) and 2l wine
Creme de toilette (250 mL) and perfume (50 g)
coffee (500g) or coffee extract (200g)
Tea (100g) or tea extract (40g)
Presents up to €37.26 (approximately)

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