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Regarding The County

Iceland is a country in northwest Europe that is officially recognised as the Country of Iceland.  Between  Scotland,  Greenland, Norway,Ireland, and the  Islands of Faroe, it consists of the continent of Iceland as well as its outlying islets in the north Atlantic Ocean.  Iceland is the traditional ‘land with fire and ice,’ with its glassy lakes, thermal water pools, active volcanoes, spectacular geysers, lava fields, breathtaking waterfalls, and also snow-capped peaks.


Iceland is just a vast island with something like a rugged and vibrant landscape that includes  red sulphur,black lava, hot blue geysers, waterfalls,    bays, fjords, rivers,  bays, fjords, and lush greenery. Reykjavik, Iceland’s vatican  city, is the country’s largest city. Reykjavik is home to nearly a quarter of Iceland’s citizens. This area is also home to some of the most famous tourist attractions. The most well-known destination is the Gullfoss quadruple waterfall, that is complemented by a spectacular rainbow as well as the Geysir hot springs.

People can be curious as to what they’re doing in Iceland. When you listen to the document, you would be astounded by how much there is to see or do here. The list is endless, from whales viewing to fine  hiking, dining, viewing Europe’s biggest glacier,  River fishing, vatnajokull,  horseback riding, rafting, traveling the scenery on a snowy moped, shopping for designer wear, the Spring Equinox Festival, crossing the Arctic Ocean on the islands of Grimsey, visiting a mediaeval farm at Strongish, and so on.

Languages And Population

Iceland has a population of only 299,388 people, and Icelandic is the official language. Also commonly spoken are  English, Nordic languages,  and German.


A 50 HZ frequency and 220 V voltage. Round pin connection plugs and “Schuko” connectors and receptacles with side shielding contacts are included.

Place In The World

It is situated in the northwestern part of Europe.  Between Scotland, Ireland,  Greenland, the Faroe Islands,and  Norway, it consists of the nation of Iceland as well as its outlying islets in the north Atlantic Ocean. It is situated around Greenland & Europe in a strategic location.

The Weather

Iceland’s climate is described as warmer, with rainy, mild winters and moderate, windy winters. The maximum temperature ever recorded at Teigarhorn was 30.5°C in May. 22, 1939. On 26 February 1918, at Grm Stair as well as Mörudalur, the minimum temperature ever reported was -38°C.

Customs In The Area

Iceland, like every nation, does have its own traditions and etiquette that must be followed. It is customary to shake hands. While on a work trip, visitors are welcomed to visit people’s homes, and standard courtesy should be practised. People take pride in the fact, and casual clothing is generally accepted, as it is in most Western nations. The rest of the money, new fees were included in the invoice, and rewards are not required.


Botanical Gardens, National Gallery of Iceland,  Hallgrimskirkja Church, and Einar Jónsson senter are among the destinations in Reykjavik.


By Air – Icelandair, the country’s national carrier, flies to a variety of international destinations including  Boston, Copenhagen, Amsterdam,   Frankfurt, Glasgow,  London, Minneapolis,Halifax,  Oslo, Paris,   Orlando,Stockholm, and Washington, as well as other destinations during the summer only.   Iceland Express  and Air Greenland are two other foreign airlines that fly out of Iceland

Other airlines, mostly from Scandinavia, also run services. During the summer, several airlines, such as Condor & Corsair, operate services. During the season, flights are also available to the Baltic Sea and Greenland. Keflavik Airfield (KEF) is a great city situated 31 miles to the south from Reykjavik.


Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  • 200 cigars or 250 grammes of many other tobacco
  • 1l spirits plus 1 lit wine, or 1l spirits plus 6 litres beer; or 1l wine plus 6 litre beer; or 2.25 litres wine plus 6 litre beer
  •  Food products weighing up to three kg and costing no more than kr13,000
  •  Remote controls,Cordless phones,  and disk drives require a license from the Post and Telecom Authorities.For a GSM phone, this is not needed.

Things That Are Not Permitted

Alcoholic beverages containing more than 60% alcohol, uncanned foods, meat or milk products, medicines, porn, guns, ammunition, explosives, eggs, flowers, endangered species, explosions, and alcoholic drinks containing more than 60% alcohol.

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