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Regarding the county

Greece seems to be a nation rich in tradition, history, and culture, having been one of humanity’s earliest civilizations. It was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire, as well as the Ottomans. It’s known the origin of democracy. Greece’s nation’s capital is Athens. Greece was the birthplace of the Olympics. Political science, modern thought, science, engineering, and major research results, among other items, were all centred there.

Since it is bordered on the south by the Mediterranean, it is also known as a Mediterranean nation. This is a popular tourist destination in the city, with scenic beaches, historical sites, and a focus on improving. On a ship or in a yacht, the Greek islands are among the most beautiful places to explore. Without a doubt, travelling across Europe would be the most unforgettable experience of one’s existence.


Languages and Population

Greece has an estimated population of 11 million people, and Greek is the official language. French and English are two other common languages.


The intensity is 50 Hz and the value is 220 V. Round plug with connection, circular pin with floor, Circular pin socket and compartment with man grounded connection, and “Schuko” socket and container with hand grounding connections are the different types of plugs used.

Place in the World

Among Albania & Turkey, it is situated in Europe in the south, surrounding the Ionian ,the Mediterranean and  Aegean Sea .  It is located on the Balkan Continent’s southern tip. In the east, it bound by Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The weather

Due to the Mediterranean influence, it does have three different climates: Alpine, temperate,  and Mediterranean,  with moderate and dry winters and warm and dry seasons. Mountainous areas have an Alpine system. At the Macedonian frontier, the weather is temperate. The climate in Athens is both Mediterranean and  temperate.

Customs in the Area

Greece seems to be a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. In various regions of Germany, different practises and customs exist. In Greece, pushing back one’s hand is regards as a negative move. Much of the period, casual clothing can be carried. In public transportation buildings, enclosed public places.

Attractions include

 The Olympic Games in Athens (which hosted the landmark 2004 Olympic Games) 

Mardi Gras celebrations in February

The Parthenon 

 Hiking in the Arahova Hills around March and October 

Easter Festivities 

The Stone Towers in Thessaloniki as well as the heritage Byzantine community

 The southern of Corinth

 The coastline in Lesvos

 Grape vineyards throughout the farmland The colonies along the Aegean Sea 

The nature reserve in Alonissos (Sporades Nature Reserve)

 A prominent Byzantine convent in Amorgos is Moni Defines physical Chozoviotissa.


Through Air – Olympic Airlines is Greece’s national carrier. Many well-known airlines, such as American Airlines and United Airlines, fly from Athens on a regular basis. The city’s largest terminal is Athens Airport Terminal, which is about 17 kilometers north of such a city. Unique selling propositions (Crete), Thessaloniki , or Corfu are the other major airports in Greece.


Sea – Corfu, Heraklion, Igoumenitsa, Piraeus,  Patras,  Thessaloniki, Rhodes,  and Volos are some of the most important Greek ports. These ports linked to Italy,  Greece, Russia, Croatia,  and Turkey by container ships and speedboat lines.

Rail – The easiest way to get to Greece from the UK is to catch the Eurostar rail to Bruxelles / Paris and then get a connecting flight to Greece.

Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  1. A maximum of 200 cigars or 250 grammes of tobacco
  2. 50 cigarettes or 100 cigs
  3. 1 lit of a spirit containing more than 22% alcohol or 2 litres of wine
  4. Fragrances (50 gm / 250 ml)
  5. Presents equal to €175

Prohibits the products of Narcotics, guns, ammunition, arms, the majority of meat and milk products, poultry, plants, extinct animals, explosives, and mixed beverages containing more than 60% alcohol.

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