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Regarding The Country

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that can be found inside the Mediterranean. Mountains can be found on both the northern and southern coasts, and plains can be found on the south coast. The weather is scorching, suggesting a Mediterranean climate. The winters are milder. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. The Cypriot Pound is the local currency.


Languages addressed here include Turkish, English, and Greek. Middle East and Greek cultures coexist. Warmly wecomes Outsiders by the locals, who give them anything to drink and let them remain calm. A handshake would suffice as a greeting. When a visitor is invited to a party, it is traditional to offer a tiny gift. Swimsuits should be worn only on the beaches and should not be worn anywhere else. Formal attire is required at social events.


Visiting The Location

Vineyards, 12th-century houses,  monasteries and  orchards abound throughout the region. While photographing outside, be cautious. Prohibit in military camps, and authorisation need for photographing in art galleries. The majority of them forbid camera flashes. Taxis could be appointed to get around Cyprus’ major cities, and they charge as per government-mandated metres. It is legal to pay the drivers.


50 Hz, 240 V

How to Get There

The Famagusta port at Kyrenia and  Ammochostos, as well as the Ercan airport, unconstitutional ‘forces of entry,’ so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Cyprus Airways is the national carrier. It links the majority of Europe’s major cities. Many forty airlines fly to Larnaca Airport, which is 5 kilometres from Larnaca about 50 kilometres from Nicosia. Taxis appoint to get to any location from the airline when trains and buses are not available. Moral obligation stores, banks, tourist and hotel records, restaurant, car rental, post office, including reservation offices are among the other facilities available at this terminal. Another terminal, Pafos, located 15 kilometres from town and requires approximately 35 mins to enter. It offers the same services as the airport in Larnaca.

The major Cyprus ports were Laenaca and Limassol, which link to Middle Eastern and Greek ports. Not only do they offer ferry services, but they also offer cruise services.


Roads do not link Cyprus to certain other nations, but they do travel through the island, linking all of the villages and cities. Bus runs along roads other than on Sundays, and throughout the summer, many run until the wee hours of the morning. Tourists can board rural bus to travel through isolated regions, although they are extremely slow. If you want to rent a car, make a reservation ahead of time, particularly during the summer, book before the filling of most rental car company. Remember to bring your national driver’s licence or a valid driving permit with you.

Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  • 250g tobacco or 200 cigarettes 
  • 1 litre of over 22% alcohol-by-volume spirits or 2 litres of  sparkling wine
  • 2 litres of still wine; 50 grammes of perfume; and 250 millilitres of eau de toilette
  • 1kg  tobacco or 800 cigarettes 
  • 10 litres of spirits, 20 litres of sparkling wine, 90 litres of wine, 110 litres of beer

Ban the majority of food and agricultural-related products. Prohibit the Firearms and weapons.

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