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Regarding The County

Bulgaria, also known as the new Bulgarian Republic, is a lovely mountainous region in South Europe that borders the East Black Sea, west Macedonia, Serbia and north Romania, south Greece and south turkey.  Along the ocean, Bulgaria shares borders with Romania, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. Sofia is indeed the highest and capital city. Although the nation is tiny in stature, it’s indeed richest in ancient history, picturesque locations, and bottom and pleasant people who provide comfort and kindness of the past.

Bulgaria is recognized as the “Place of Roses” because it produces the most roses. Despite the fact that Bulgaria is best known because of its ocean resorts, many of the nations could be experienced in wonderful mountainous areas, with several ski resorts providing ideal skiing conditions. Bulgaria, with its peculiar traditions, spectacular crafts, vibrant festivals, culture, and etc, has plenty to delight and excite tourists.


Languages And Population

Bulgaria has a total of 7.4 million people and Bulgarian is the national language. A large part of the community also speaks Romanian and Turkey.

Electricity Generation

The intensity becomes 50 Hz, as well as the voltage, becomes 230 V. Large pin connection plugs or “Schuko” connectors and receptacles with sides grounded contacts are included.

Place In The World

It is located in southern Europe’s Balkans, with the East Black Sea, Serbia as well as the West Macedonia,  North Romania, and south Greece and south turkey. Along the ocean, Bulgaria shares borders with Turkish, Ukraine, Georgia and  Russia.  Bulgarian is conveniently located adjacent to the Taiwan Strait, rendering it the controlling point for important land routes linking the Middle East and Middle Asia of Europe.

The Weather

Bulgaria’s climate is defined as tropics, with warm, summer seasons or cold, wet winters. Temperatures hover around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), while winter temperatures hover around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Warm weather is a great place to sell Bulgaria.

Customs In The Area

Bulgaria, like every other nation, seems to have its own norms and etiquette that should be observed. It is traditional to shake hands. The attire should be conventional, but it can also be relaxed. A shake of the heads in Bulgaria implies “no,” while a shaking of the hand means “yes.” Tipping is standard for all facilities, including hotels, bars, pubs, taxis, and so on.

Tourist Attractions

  •  Alex Nevsky Cathedral
  •  Regional Ethnographic Museum
  •   Sofia
  •  St. Sophie Church 
  • George Rotunda 


  • Momchilovtsi Village 
  • Pirin Nature Reserve 
  • Rila Monastery


Air – Bulgaria Airline is the country’s national airliner. Airlines, British Airways, Alitalia, Austrian Flights, American Airlines, El Al Airlines, LOT Airlines, Jetblue,  Olympic Airlines, MALEV Hungarian, and Swiss Airline are among the foreign airlines that fly from Bulgaria. The largest airport, Sofia Airport Terminal EAD, is about 6 miles south of Sofia. Varna Airport Terminal (VAR) is another airport, situated around five miles of Varna in the city’s western outskirts.

Bulgaria Is A Great Place

Bourgas & Varna, both on the Sea Black, are important foreign ports.

River – Through Vidin towards Calafat, ferries pass into Romania.

Things That Are Exempt From Duty

  1. 250g tobacco or 200 cigars or 50 cigarettes
  2. 50g of fragrance and 100g lavatory; 1l spirits and 2l wine
  3. Personal products and gifts.

Things that are not permitted

Alcoholic beverages containing more than 60% alcohol, uncanned foods, meat or milk products, medicines, porn, guns, ammunition, explosives, poultry, plants, threatened species, explosives, and alcoholic drinks containing more than 60% alcohol.

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